Why Choose a US Company for Medical Transcription

Medical transcription work is risky and error-free transcripts are necessary for proper patient treatment and care. There are hundreds of companies offering documentation solutions for healthcare providers. However, it is important that you outsource your requirements to a US based medical transcription company. There are many reasons why you should choose a US company as your outsourcing partner.

Advantages of a US Medical Transcription Company

Here are the top reasons why hospitals and medical practices choose a service provider in United States for their transcription work:

    Work done by expert professionals: Professional transcription companies in the US have a team of trained and experienced medical transcriptionists on the job. These experts are well-versed in medical terminologies and procedures and have excellent listening and English language skills. These qualities allow them to offer clear and accurate transcripts of dictations pertaining to patient histories and physical reports, initial evaluation, consultation notes, follow up notes and health reports, and more.

    Use of advanced technology: An established US based service provider would have the advantage of the latest transcription technology. Dictation options would include toll-free phone-in and digital recorder dictation. It would also offer secure modes of file transfer such as FTP and secure browser-based transfer with 256 bit AES encryption. The latest software such as Stedman's Medical Dictionary and the American Drug Index are used to ensure top-level transcript accuracy. Other features of the well-established technology platform would include transcription management software, electronic signatures, and feeds to Electronic Health Records (EHR).

    Quality assurance: Precision is crucial when it comes to medical transcripts. A reliable US based company can ensure medical reports that are up to 99% accurate. Every transcribed file is then passed through a stringent 3 level quality check by a professional team that includes proofreaders, editors and quality analysts.

    Promptness in service: Timely delivery of medical reports of vital importance in medical transcription. US based companies provide customized solutions and deliver the complete transcribed reports within customized turnaround time. With offshore centers in countries like India, they can take advantage of the time zone differences to provide transcripts for all medical specialties in custom turnaround time.

    Fully HIPAA compliant: Most professional medical transcription companies are fully HIPAA compliant. They strictly adhere to HIPAA guidelines when handling patient information. This ensures the security of confidential patient information.

    Status of pre-signed contract: A reliable medical transcription outsourcing company would not require you to sign a long-term yearly contract. This offers healthcare professionals a great deal of flexibility.

    Affordability: Finally, an established service provider can offer services at 30-40% lower than the existing market rates, ensuring great savings on your transcription costs.