How Teleradiology Solves Problems Related to Radiology

Teleradiologists have played a significant role in solving a problem that has long been troubling hospitals, doctors and patients in dealing with radiological images. Patients who suffer a certain disease in their internal organs and doctors who treat them mostly rely on radiological images in order to get that disease treated. When there are an adequate number of radiologists in the hospital in which those patients are treated, there will be no problem with the interpretation of radiological images there. On the other hand, if there are only a limited number of radiologists who can deal with those images and there are an enormous number of patients whose radiological images need to be interpreted, a problem will occur because there will be a long line of radiological images to be interpreted. Such problem can now be systematically solved through the practice of teleradiology.

This medical breakthrough is intended to facilitate the interpretation of a massive amount of radiological images so that such interpretation can be done much more quickly and effectively. Through tele radiology, radiologists who have too many radiological images to interpret can send those images through a secured network to other radiologists, who become teleradiologists, practicing in other regions where there are not too many radiological images to interpret. By using this technology, those unhandled radiological images can be taken care of without hassle and doctors who need the result of the interpretation of those images in order to treat their patients can get it as soon as possible.

In order to get those images delivered securely, a secured transmitting and receiving stations as well as a secured network is required. Such secured infrastructure has been established by such systems as nighthawk radiology. By using this technology, all problems related to the interpretation of radiological images can be solved properly.