Tips to Finding a Job as a Home Health Aide

The demand for home health aides to care for people, such as the elderly, chronically ill, or infirm in their home means there are many jobs available. But, how do you compete for the very best among those available positions?

Here are five tips to help you get the best results from your job search.

1. First, take the time to write out an error-free resume. Use spell check in your word processor. Also, use formatting to make your resume easy to read.

2. In addition to having a well-written and organized resume, you must be prepared to demonstrate why you are the best candidate in a face-to-face interview. Practice may not make perfect, but it is the best way to prepare yourself for the interview. Try practicing with a friend or even in front of a mirror. Answering sample interview questions will give you confidence and help you to be poised and calm during the actual job interview.

3. Now, where to look for home health aide jobs? There are a number of resources available, such as:

Newspapers - Jobs are still advertised in the classified section of print newspapers. If you don't subscribe to a newspaper, you can stop by your local library to read a variety of newspaper classifieds. Don't forget to also check out the online version of the newspaper, as those will frequently include jobs from other resources.

Online job sites - In addition to online versions of newspapers, also check sites such as,, and

Word of mouth - Put the word out to your friends, neighbors, and family members and let them know you're looking for a job. You never know who knows someone who's looking for a caregiver. If you recently completed a training program, let your instructors and classmates know the type of position you'd like.

Cold calling - This is where you simply pick up the phone and begin dialing home health agencies and other potential employers to see whether you can apply for a position with them. Many agencies will accept an application even if they don't have positions advertised.

4. Next, when you do apply for a job, be sure to follow the employer's instructions. Slow down and take the time to actually read through the instructions. It's amazing how many people gloss over this important step and, as a result, their application is not even considered. When you read through the job posting, take a separate piece of paper and write down the instructions to create a check list. Before you submit your application, check off each item on the list.

5. Finally, after you have a job interview, immediately send a follow-up thank you note. Not many people do this simple step, so you'll make yourself stand out in a sea of applicants.

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Maureen Flaherty writes about home health aides and home health agencies for the Home Health Aide Guide, A Resource for Caregivers and Families.

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