5 Tips to Teach Children to Be Healthy and Active


For young kids, it has been a struggle. It's because they tend to do things they want, without knowing if its really good for them or not. Parents often worry about their kids health but it should not be only them who have to work for this. There is a more responsible person that can help them achieve the optimum health status - themselves. Young as they are, they should already be taught on how to take care of themselves and what are the important things they must do to keep themselves fit.

Here are some reminders for parents and their kids:

1. Eat in Variety
Kids seem to have favourites and it's the only thing that they would ever want to eat. Being healthy doesn't need to be that stressful or complicated. Encourage your child to eat in variety. For parents, serve a variety of foods. Make sure the meal appears very pleasant. Add fun during meal time such as making fun shapes or allow them to help in cooking. Add fruits and nutritious food and refrain from sending them junk foods on their lunch boxes at school.

2. Drink Healthy
It is important to watch what they drink. Encourage them lots of water. Include it in their routine such as when getting up or before bedtime. Teach them to avoid sodas, instead encourage them to drink water. Of course they can consume chocolate drinks or juices, just make sure they don't drink them very often.

3. Be Active
Just like adults need exercise, kids need to be active. But this is not a problem because kids love to have fun. Limit time on watching television or play online games. Although these should not be totally banned in their activities, try to promote outdoor or play physical activities.

4. Get Enough Rest
Sleep and rest are necessary for growth and development. It is a way of relaxing your body and mind. Make sure they get enough sleep. Don't let them stay out late at night.

5. Understand your body
Listen to your body. If you are hungry then go ahead and eat. When you are tired get some rest. Parents should make sure they do not abuse their bodies. As your parents take part in taking care of you, take good care of yourself.