Why Are Women in Favor of Bananas


Do you know that bananas are considered as "wisdom fruit"? It is the most common fruit in the market, but it can supply the body with abundant nutrition and a variety of vitamin as well as make skin tender and fair. Then I will list several reasons why women love eating bananas.

1. Bananas can be used to battle depression.

Bananas contain a substance that can help brain produce 5-hydroxy tryptamine and thus make people feel delightful. People who suffer from depression can take in more bananas so as to increase the density of 5-hydroxy tryptamine in brain and finally reduce the hormone that cause low spirits. Therefore, bananas are also looked as "happy food".

2. Bananas can be used to cure cutaneous pruritus.

Bananas contain a substance that can restrict the production of fungus and bacteria. Experiments prove that banana skin can be used to cure cutaneous pruritus and beriberi caused by fungus or bacteria. It works wonderfully.

3. Bananas can be used to reduce blood pressure.

Banana is a kind of healthy food which contain a large amount of starchiness. Bananas can promote stomach to wriggle. In addition, bananas can help to reduce blood pressure and relax the bowels.

4. Bananas can help to lose weight.

Bananas can help you lose weight because they contain a large amount of food fiber while the amount of calorie is very small. You may feel full after eating some bananas because the starch amount inside them is high. In addition, it takes time for starch to convert into sugars. Therefore, there will be no excessive energy stocked inside body.

5. Bananas can be used for breakfast

With the fast pace of life, there are more and more people who try to replenish unbalanced diet with healthy food or supplements. Bananas contain nearly all kinds of vitamin and mineral substances, thus you can easily take in various kinds of nutrients from bananas. Bananas contain much kalium and magnesuim. Kalium can prevent high blood pressure and muscle spasm while magnesuim can help to eliminate tiredness. As bananas can be easily digested and absorbed, they are suitable for all people. In addition, bananas can be used as a substitute of breakfast. You do not need to worry about gaining weight.