Caffeine Protects Against Brain Cancer

Regular consumption of caffeine can help people fight the risk of deadly brain cancer, according to a scientific study. The European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) revealed that people who had more caffeine in their diet were less likely to suffer from brain tumors such as gliomas, which can be difficult to treat.

EPIC researchers studied the diets and lifestyles of half a million men and women over eight years and compared cancer rates among those who frequently consumed caffeinated products to volunteers who had little or no caffeine. The team of scientists discovered that a daily dose of caffeine reduced the risk of brain cancer by an average of 34 per cent. Furthermore, it was revealed that men would benefit the most from taking caffeine as males reduced their risk of brain cancer by 41 per cent compared to women who lowered their chances of getting the disease by 26 per cent.

The report, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, stated: "We found an inverse association between total tea and coffee consumption and the risk of glioma. "These findings, if further replicated in other studies, may ­provide new avenues of research on gliomas." The Daily Express reported that approximately 4,200 people are diagnosed with a brain tumor each year in Britain and around half are gliomas.

People who are worried about brain tumours should look out for symptoms which range from headaches and seizures to blurred vision as well as drowsiness and even changes in personality, memory or mental ability. The benefits of caffeine is positive news for those looking to lose weight fast through t5 fat burners and slimming pills as these health supplements contain large doses of the compound. Health supplements such as t5 fat burners and slimming pills contain caffeine in order to stimulate weight loss by providing the consumer with increased energy which they can then use for exercise.

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