Combatting Dry, Flaky Skin


Flaky skin occurs when the outermost layers begin to shed off of the body because of the extreme dryness. The body has a natural layer of oily skin that keeps our skin moisturized, but when it dries out the body is no longer able to keep it moisturized and replenished. More often than not, the body is able to keep up with the skin that is being lost but sometimes it is unable to keep up and other protection is needed.

When the skin becomes flaky it becomes itchy, inflammed and scaly (like a fish). Severe cases are characterized by cracks and skin that is chapped. When the skin dries out we are tempted to itch and scratch it. This causes even more problems because painful wounds can open up. The most affected parts of the body are the legs, arms, knees and elbows. The reason that these areas are normally a problem is because the skin is more thin and exposed to the elements.

If you have flaky skin then you should stay away from makeup that has harsh chemicals in them. Anything that has fragrance in it is bad for your skin and will only make the problem worse. Also, make sure that you stay away from skin cleaners and detergent based chemicals. The best thing you can do to combat flaky skin is to use a moisturizer on a regular basis. If used regularly they will help the body to keep the moisture and make a big difference over time. If you have a serious condition, such as eczema, then you will need to talk to a dermatologist to find answers.

Winter is an especially bad time of year for flaky skin. The air outside is low in humidity and the air inside our houses is heated. This is a perfect storm that causes a lack of moisture in the skin and subsequent flaking.

As we age the skin is more likely to dry out. Senior citizens are very likely to have dry skin because of natural changes in their bodies. Dry skin will only be made worse by taking showers or baths too often. The water has a tendency to sap the moisture right out of the skin. Using harsh soaps also extend this problem.

Natrium muriaticum is a tissue salt that can be used to keep the moisture balanced within the body. Try using it to regain the moisture in your skin. Kalium muriaticum can be used to clean the blood and lymphs and naturally detoxify the skin. When you choose a moisturizer make sure that it is natural and does not contain fragrance or other harsh chemicals.